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We support several payment methods, which depend on what country your payment account is located in.1 You'll see which payment methods are available to you on the checkout page, before you submit a reservation request. After you select your country, all of your payment details will be shown. Offline or cash payments are a violation of our Terms of Service, and can result in removal from asapbnb. We prohibit off-site payments because paying outside of asapbnb makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues. Payment options may include: Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB) Many debit cards that can be processed as credit PayPal for select countries Alipay for China only Postepay for Italy only Sofort Überweisung for Germany only iDEAL for the Netherlands only Boleto Bancário, Hipercard, Elo, and Aura for Brazil only PayU for India only Google Wallet for US Android App only Apple Pay for iOS App only
No, asapbnb can't split your reservation cost across multiple payment methods. To make a reservation, you'll need to make your payment with a single payment method. If you need to update your payment method for a long-term reservation or an unsuccessful charge, please contact us for assistance. If you have a confirmed reservation that isn't long-term, remember that you've already paid in full through our payment system—so you won't need to change or update your payment method to enjoy your trip.
If you book a long term reservation that lasts 28 nights or more, you’ll be charged a first month down payment and the rest will be collected in monthly installments. At the moment, you can only pay for a long term reservation on a computer. First month down payment Once you’ve booked a long term reservation, you’ll be charged for the first month of your stay upfront. We’ll hold this payment until 24 hours after check-in before giving it to the host. Payment for future months After check-in, we’ll charge you monthly, using the same payment method, for the duration of your reservation. In other words, you won’t make a second payment until approximately one month after you check in. The monthly price you pay is locked at the beginning of the reservation. You can see your total reservation cost and successful payments made on your billing receipt. Cancellation policy The Long Term cancellation policy is automatically applied to all long-term reservations of 28 nights or more and requires a 30-day notice of lease termination.
If you choose to pay with a credit card when you make a reservation request, you can edit or remove the credit card information from your asapbnb account later, as long as a default payment method remains. Removing or adding a payment method You can manage your payment method in the Account section of your profile: Click Payment Methods Click Add Payment Method to add new credit card information to your account Go to Account If you add more than one credit card as a payment method, you’ll be able to remove any card that isn't your default payment method by clicking Remove. You won’t be able to remove a card that’s being used on a pending or active reservation. To have a card appear first on your list of available payment methods the next time you make a reservation, click Set Default. Note: At this time, it's only possible to add credit cards from the Payment Methods section of your account, although you can choose to add other types of payment methods on the checkout page when you book.
When you enter your payment information, you can choose to pay with one of the various currencies we support. You can also change your default currency at any time by going to Profile and then Settings, or by changing currency on one of the pages where the currency selector is available. Depending on your selected payment method, there may be some currencies that will not be available. Exchange rates and currency conversion We will display the prices on asapbnb in the currency you select. If you choose to change the currency at any point while booking, we will display a new price in the new currency you select. Bookings will be completed with the displayed price and currency as selected by you. If you choose to make or receive payments in a currency different from the designated currency of your payment method, your credit or bank card issuer may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Please contact your provider to learn more about what fees may apply. asapbnb is not responsible for these fees. Third-party fees If you pay in a currency that’s different from the designated currency of your payment method, your credit or bank card issuer may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Please contact your provider to learn more about what fees may apply. asapbnb is not responsible for these fees. Cross-border fees If you extra fees appear on your bank statement, or the amount charged differs from what appeared on the asapbnb checkout page, contact your your credit or bank card issuer. If your bank considers asapbnb processing entity as international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank even if the charge was processed in the original currency of your payment method. If the fees were added by your card-issuing bank, asapbnb can't refund them.
The payout you’ll receive is your nightly rate minus the host service fee. To view information about any of your payouts, visit your Transaction History. Guests pay a service fee to aasapbnb in addition to the cost of your listing, which is why the total price guests see is higher than your payout. Here are some things that can impact your payout: Your weekly discount or monthly discount may have been applied to the reservation Weekend pricing or custom pricing may have been applied to the reservation Payouts to co-hosts are rounded to the nearest whole amount Where applicable, Value-added tax (VAT) may be added on top of the asapbnb service fee If you receive a booking inquiry, but want to charge a different price, you can send the guest a Special Offer. If you want to change the price of an accepted reservation, you’ll need to submit a request to your guest.
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